Smallest Café
in the World

KANU Coffee is an instant coffee brand owned by the parent brand, "MAXIM." KANU Coffee specializes in a Café style coffee where consumers can enjoy and have easy access to premium and specialty coffees anywhere and everywhere at an affordable price. KANU is a new concept of instant coffee, blending finely-ground coffee and top quality instant coffee.

The company has launched MAXIM KANU in 2011 and since then KANU products has consistently gained popularity and it has now maintained No. 1 instant coffee in South Korea.

Roasted Coffee

All KANU products are processed through a micro-grinding method, producing finely ground coffee powder, and preserving the original coffee aroma and depth of flavor

Coffee Powder

KANU coffee powders are processed through a low yield and a low temperature espresso extraction method for higher quality

- What is low yield?
The taste of coffee depends on how much coffee is extracted. To give a touch of smooth, rich and clean flavor, KANU has developed its best low yield extraction.

- What is low temperature extraction?
The extracts from coffee beans are 100% freeze dried and made into granules, preserving its original aroma and flavor of coffee.

Latte Creamer

KANU's latte creamer consists of a higher fresh, non-fat milk content and adds rich and smoothness to the coffee